• Board of Directors CMMA

    CMMA is governed by a 14-member board; these volunteers are elected from the membership to serve staggered two-year terms.
    Lance Louis
    Vice President
    Steve Leen
    I am a proactive CPA with over 17 years of experience with a strong concentration in manufacturing.  I am fortunate to be in the position now that I have significant experience but at the same time will have several years until I retire meaning that most owners won't need to switch their CPA during their business career. 

    I have been on the CMMA board since 2012 and the MMA board for several years now too.  When I first started we were happy to get 30-40 to a monthly meeting and now over 100 is the norm.  I have enjoyed seeing the organization grow and continue to market manufacturing as a career choice for the next generation to keep the momentum strong.

    I enjoy being the person that owners can run their ideas past to help them plan accordingly and react to the ever changing tax rules that apply from year to year. 
    Angie Brick
    Rotochopper, Inc.
    Angie Brick is the Director of Community Relations at Rotochopper, Inc. in St. Martin.  Rotochopper manufactures grinding equipment that transforms waste materials into profitable opportunities for customers, such as colored landscape mulch and biomass fuels.

    Angie has been on the CMMA board of directors since 2019.  “It is exciting to work with an organization, such as CMMA, that emphasizes the importance of creating interest in manufacturing careers in central Minnesota among the youth in our community.  Whether you love to weld or want to be the CEO, manufacturing offers many exciting and fast paced career opportunities, and being a part of CMMA is an additional opportunity to bring this message to our future manufacturers.”

    Bruce Hagberg
    Dean Kiffmeyer
    Sandy Kashmark
    Executive Director
    Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association
    Sandy Kashmark started her career as TSMA Administrative Assistant in 1991, not long after receiving a business degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead.  She has served as Executive Director since 1995.  The office changed to a new business model with the launch of Midwest Manufacturers Association in 2001.  MMA, the "central office," now serves AMFA, CMMA and TSMA, with Kashmark at the helm.