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    Imagine standing on top of steel beams over 100 feet in the air with the wind blowing and your hands freezing in the late Minnesota fall. You are under pressure to get this structural steel package assembled, so the contractor can stay on schedule, getting the building enclosed before the snow comes and the owner can take possession of their building yet this year. This situation happens numerous times each year. Over the course of 45+ years CMF has built a reputation of providing complete structural steel packages that are “Trusted to Fit.” 

    CMF is a structural steel fabricator serving contractors and owners of multi-story commercial buildings, retail locations, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, worship centers, schools, condominiums and sports facilities. CMF is focused on providing solutions that fit customer’s budgets, timeline and specifications. 

    In 1973 Central Minnesota Fabricating, Inc. was started by three founders that knew steel and structural steel fabrication. In the early days they shared space; welding during the day and making parts at night.  The business grew quickly and in 1979 CMF broke ground on its first new warehouse and fabrication building. 

    Over the course of 45 years, the company has expanded four times, added a sales office in the Twin Cities to better support metro-based customers, further strengthened its quality standards by achieving AISC certification, and continually invested in the latest technology. Today, designs come from engineers, owners, and contractors, they are detailed and checked using the latest 3D modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools, digitally sent to CNC controlled equipment, welded and painted without a single piece of paper being printed. This technology allows for rapid changes, quick communication to all the parties involved, and significantly reducing the chance for errors to happen.

    The processes and tools that CMF utilizes are well-suited to producing high quality structural steel. Since manufacturers and fabricators have had a hard time keeping up with demand, CMF has been able to utilize its cutting-edge technology and dedication to quality to grow its business while supporting other fabricators and manufacturers to produce their structural assemblies. 

    “CMF has been incredibly fortunate to have a great team, that has built a reputation of trust and quality in the industry. As we look to the future, we will continue to serve engineers, owners, and contractors that are building commercial buildings, while growing our business with manufacturers and fabricators that can benefit from the systems and technology we have to build structural steel assemblies,” explains Cathy Hedlof, General Manager of CMF.

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