• Beaudry Oil & Propane

  • Fuel your factory with Beaudry!

    Enjoy one-stop shopping for your  lubricant, fuel and propane needs. We offer:

    • Diesel and unleaded fuel for fleets
    • Petroleum and mineral based lubricants for fleet and manufacturing equipment
    • Propane for fork lifts, heat, welding and other flame generated equipment
    • Steel tanks and polymer totes for storage, spill containment, and dispensing equipment
    • A catalog of global, national, specialty, and proprietary brands
    • Knowledgeable in-house product and customer support staff
    • Live dispatch and timely delivery to best meet your deadline
    • Flexible payment methods and terms.


  • Beaudry has provided petroleum products since 1981, customers  from Minnesota into Western Wisconsin.

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  • "All Natural" Liquid Hand Soap

    4-Pack of One Gallon
    Containers (4 gallon total)
    Regular price $109.00
    *Association Members
    Special Pricing*
    Only $49.00
    Through 5/31/20. Flyer

  • Beaudry Oil & Propane is part of Midwest Manufacturers' Association's MBiz Solutions.