• About Us

  • CMMA’s Mission

    The Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association (CMMA) exists for the primary purpose of contributing to the growth and success of manufacturers.

  • CMMA History

    While the history of Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association is brief, its future is bright. Less than a handful of members of Tri-State Manufacturers Association wondered about bringing the benefits of that organization closer to home. They met, somewhat casually several times in 2007, laying the groundwork for the first, larger meeting – to determine if there was sufficient interest – in January, 2008. Over 100 people from almost as many firms attended! CMMA was born.

    Since that encouraging start, CMMA has met monthly, with meetings typically consisting of informal networking and breakfast, followed by a brief business meeting, a guest speaker and a tour of a manufacturing facility.

    The number of members has already surpassed 180 and is steadily growing. This growth and the energy found at the meetings suggests that CMMA is a valued grouping of similar interests and goals.