TriFac Workers Compensation Fund


One of the advantages of membership in CMMA is access to a workers compensation self-insurance program offered through CMMA’s “central office” (the MMA office).


Called the TriFac Workers Compensation Fund, this group self-insurance program for Minnesota employers was founded in January 1997 with seven member companies.  Through selective membership growth, the Fund is now providing financial advantages to more than 100 manufacturing companies in Minnesota.  Trifac members enjoy lower workers compensation premiums and, equally important, they appreciate the improved control the Fund provides over the claims payment process.  Reduced payment of “false” claims helps keep workers compensation mod factors in line.


The Trifac Fund is governed by an independent Board of Directors elected by the membership at the annual meeting each spring.

Current Board Members are:

To see if your Minnesota company qualifies to join the Trifac Fund, contact Sandy Kashmark at (877) 330-2632 or