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Membership in CMMA is all about give and take. It is the only organization that is completely focused on manufacturing in central Minnesota.

CMMA exists to benefit its members and, in the process, the community at large. One member said, “I love being involved with CMMA. No matter how much I do, I seem to get more back.”


Annual dues are based on number of employees for all entities except for the flat rate applicable to government and educational institutions, or fill it out below.

No. of Employees             Annual Dues
1 person shop                     $100
2 to 5                                  $150
6 to 15                                $200
16 to 30                              $225
31 to 50                              $275
51 to 99                              $300
100 to 199                          $350
200 or more                        $375
Government/Education       $225


HOW DO I JOIN? … 3 options:
1.Click here to download pdf version CMMA Membership form and mail it in along with check or credit card payment.

2. Complete the online Membership Form below and remit payment online. (Paypal is the ONLY online payment option available.)

3. Complete the online Membership Form below and mail a check (or call with credit card inf0).   You do not need to mail a hard copy of the form.


CMMA Membership Form

Thank you! After we receive payment, we will send a welcome packet. You can pay online by clicking here or by sending a check to: CMMA PO Box 150 Elbow Lake, MN 56531