High schools in the region receive free membership in Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association (CMMA). Send in a membership application today.  High schools also can attend CMMA meetings for free and are encouraged to bring students and other faculty.

CMMA Membership Application for Schools

CMMA Education Sponsorship Application

Education Sponsorship Guidelines

In an effort to balance CMMA’s desire to support area schools with limited resources available, the following guidelines have been established with regard to sponsorship requests.  These guidelines will be reviewed periodically to determine if the intent to support area schools is being met.


The Education Sponsorship Application is available at CMMAworks.org.   Send your application to info@CMMAworks.org.  Confirm receipt via email or by phoning 800.654.5773.  The CMMA Grant Review Committee will determine whether additional information is required prior to submission to the full board.


Applications will typically be reviewed at the CMMA Board of Director’s meeting immediately following receipt of the application.  Checks will be presented at the following CMMA general meeting.  Applicant is expected to have someone present at the meeting for presentation of the check and to have a photo taken for the newsletter and website.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Project/activity must be related to Manufacturing and/or STEM
  2. Applicant must be located in the CMMA service region

Factors that will favorably influence the funding decision:

  1. Request includes matching funds
  2. Applicant’s first request of the year
  3. Applicant organization/school is a member of CMMA

Awards to each school will be capped at $1,000 per year unless there is a special circumstance.  (Special circumstances will be reviewed/approved at the discretion of the CMMA Board.)

The amount of funding available for sponsorships is estimated at $7,500 per year.  The actual amount will be established during the CMMA budgeting process each year


Printable version of Sponsorship Guidelines

 Updated:  February 2016